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Article on Press Conference for NATCOM 2015 in NOV’15

The first Press Conference for NATCOM 2015 was organized on 2nd November 2015 at Regal Hall in Hotel Surya Palace which was attended by about 80 media persons from Print, Electronic & Internet Media alongwith about 25 Members from our Executive Committee & Publicity Committee. It was well attended with reporters from prominent newspapers & cameramen from local TV Channels who took the interview of our National President,Mr.Lalbhai Patel. The event followed with High Tea which was appreciated by all. The following photos depict the event glimpses –

The Registration being done of Media persons during Press Conference. The Audience engrossed in the talk of National President, Mr. Lalbhai Patel. Mr. Lalbhai Patel addressing the Press Conference.
The Press Conference ongoing with Mr.Malay Mazumdar-Convention Co-Chairman, Mr.Lalbhai Patel-National President & Mr.Anand Purohit-Branch Chairman at Dais.. The Cameramen/Photographers from Press & Electronic Media taking interview of Mr. Lalbhai Patel. The Media Persons after Press Conference enjoying the High Tea.
Article on R. J. SARVAIYA Memorial Lecture in OCT’15

The R. J. SARVAIYA Memorial Lecture had been organised on 8th OCT’15 with Topic of ‘MANAGING CONFLICTS IN PROFESSIONAL LIFE’ by Mr. MAHENDRA R. PATEL who was Vice-President at RIL & Ex CEO-(Carbon Fiber Project) at KEMROCK. The Lecture focused about shift of Human Life from Peaceful during ancient period to Progressive during recent period which has brought continued conflicts within Individual, between Individuals on Family, Professional & other areas. Continued compelling situation of Efficiency Improvement requirement in Organizations in India after Globalization during 1991 has changed nature of working systems in almost every organization with struggle for exhibiting outstanding Individual, Intra-Departmental, Inter-Departmental Performance. This results in several type & level of Conflicts in Professional Life. These conflicts in Professional Life originate mainly due to several reasons such as Ego, Jealousy, Variance in Competence level, Inter Departmental apparently conflicting Goals, Ethical & Value based different approach by Individuals. These conflicts generate Huge Stress, Irritation, Depression & occasionally pleasure of winning over other on the issue. It is required to mould our mindset with Open minded Analytical Approach, Positive Outlook, Timely Communication, Ego & Jealousy free Approach, Getting continued learning of recent Developments, Following message of Conscious for some of the conflicts, Assessing Short & Long Term Implication on Individual, Organization & Balancing with Optimum Blend. There is NO general guideline or rule for Managing Conflicts in Professional Life & requires to be managed case by case with proper moulding & tuning of the mind. The Members comprising of 50 persons participated to gain knowledge about Conflict Management & appreciated the experience of Speaker in the lecture. The following photos display programme memories –

Smt.Sarvaiya offering prayers at photograph of late Shri R.J.Sarvaiya. The Speaker being welcomed with Flower Bouquet by our National President, Shri Lalbhai Patel. The Audience engrossed in the lecture.
Hon.Treasurer, Mr.Sambhudevan Nair delivering Vote of Thanks. The Speaker being felicitated with Memento our National President, Shri Lalbhai Patel. The Group Photo of Dignitaries with late Shri R.J.Sarvaiya’s Photo.
Satyanarayan Katha in Sept’15

The Satyanarayan Katha was organised at office on 22nd Sept’15 in the Evening followed by High Tea (Light Dinner) for Committee Members & their Spouses which was religiously attended by about 50 persons as shown in event glimpses given below -

The Chairman, Mr.Anand Purohit & his wife performing the Pooja. The Members with spouses attended the Katha. The Members offering prayers during Aarti in Katha.
  The Members & their spouses enjoyed High Tea & appreciated the Food.  
Ladies Programme during Election 2015-17 in Aug’15

The Entertainment programme was organized for ladies members & members’ spouses which was very much enjoyed & well appreciated with winners of games being awarded gifts as seen in photos given below -

The group photo of ladies members & Spouses of members. Mrs.Zankhana Shah awarding Gifts to Winners of Games.
Election of New Committee for 2015-17 in August 2015

The Election of New Committee for 2015-17 was held on 25th Aug’15 wherein election was done for the post of Hon.Treasurer, EC Members & NC Members whereas Chairman, Vice-Chairman & Hon. Secretary were elected unopposed. The following Committee Members were elected for 2015-17 :




The photos as below memorises the event –

Members’ queue for voting. The Members casting their votes at booth. Election Officer, Mr.Vijay Joshi declaring the Results of Election.
The Audience eagerly awaiting the outcome of Election. Newly Elected Committee for 2015-17. Mr.H.Kachhi being felicitated for Election work with Memento by Mr.L.Patel .
Article on Evening talk in AUG’15

The 52nd AGM of Vadodara branch was organised on 25th Aug’15 at Hotel Surya Palace wherein statement of Accounts to consider audited Income / Expenditure Account & Balance Sheet for 2014-15 had been presented & the queries of members were resolved. About 75 members attended AGM & the Balance Sheet was approved by members present. Also, the Auditors Chandabhoy & Jassoobhoy for ensuing year were finalised. The photos shown below depict highlights of AGM –

Mr.Malay Mazumdar, presenting Statement of Accounts for 2014-15. Mr.Anand Purohit giving details about branch activities during 2014-15. The Members attending AGM.
Annual General Meeting in August 2015

An Evening Talk was organised on 17th AUG’15 with Topic ‘ASTROLOGY – A SCIENCE’ by Mr. YOGESH PAWAR who has done BE(Civil) from MSU with 20 Yrs. Experience in Vedic Jyotish. He achieved M.A.V.J. [Master of Arts in Vedic Jyotish] from Yoga Samskrutam University, Florida, USA & has been awarded an Appreciation Certificate by HINDU ASTROLOGICAL SOCIETY, LONDON for giving free service in JYOTISH NIDAN SHIBIR at Ahmedabad. He achieved VISHARAD in Apr’08 & achieved SHASTRI in Apr’11 & thereafter in Apr’13 achieved ACHARYA in JYOTISH SHASTRA from MSU. He has been Certified as JYOTISH PRADIP by JYOTISH GYAN SANSTHA, Vadodara in Jul’03. He was honoured by ALL GUJARAT ASTROLOGICAL SOCIETY in Jan’08 & in Jul’12 by SANSKRIT VARTMAN PATRAM-Vadodara. The simplest definition of science is to give proof in concerned phenomenon. The proof may be physical or logical. In astrology, also the concerned principles can be proved very easily. For example, all individuals born in a particular Nakshatra or Rashi possess in general similar characteristics irrespective of Age, Gender, Cast, Qualification, etc. Of course, percentage effect of a particular characteristic may vary from person to person. Generally, those who believe in science say how planets, located thousands of km. away, can affect a person? But, if those born in same Nakshtra or Rashi posses same characteristics of Nakshtra or Rashi, automatically proves that planets have effect on individuals. The Person's behaviour, lifestyle, working processes, interest in different fields, etc. emerges as per his/her basic characteristics. In astrology, basic principles for predictions depend on Nakshtras, Rashis & Planets. Thus, any phenomenon in astrological principle can be proved in a scientific way. The Chairman, Mr.Malay Mazumdar received the auspicious Gold Plated Shree Yantra from Astrology Academician of M.S.University. The EC Members & students comprising of 55 persons participated to enhance knowledge about Astrology as many had brought their Janam Patrika & very well enjoyed the programme. The following photos display the memories of Event –

Mr.Malay Mazumdar, Chairman receiving the auspicious Gold Plated Shree Yantra from Astrology Academician of M.S.University. The Speaker being welcomed with Flower Bouquet by our Sr. Member, Shri K.C.Joshi. There was full house presence of Members attending this unique programme.
  The Speaker being felicitated with Memento by our National President, Shri L.P.Patel  
Article on Evening Talk in Second Half of JUL’15

The Second Evening Talk of July was organised on 27th Jul’15 with Topic of ‘WILL CREATION, FINANCE & ESTATE PLANNING’ by Mr.NEHAL PANDYA who has 15 years of experience in Financial Markets & Wealth Advisory services. He holds Post Graduate Degree in Business Management (PGDBM) from M.S.UNIVERSITY of BARODA. His profile includes senior postioning at companies like NJ INDIA INVEST, ICICI PRU AMC, IIFL & ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND (ABN AMRO BANK). He is founder of PROMINENT FINANCIAL with a Vision, as he foresaw the need for mutual funds that performed regardless of market environment and provided financial professionals & his investor clients with the flexibility needed to respond to both changing market conditions & personal investment goals and Mr.RAJESH JARIWALA who is working as Senior Investment Analyst with IIFL since last 5 years serving Ultra HNI clientele of IIFL in Gujarat. He cleared Wealth Management from FLIP & is also certified NISM -Investment Advisor Level 1 & 2. The Talk introduced about exclusive relationship of Prominent Financial with India Infoline Limited (IIFL). Prominent Financial Wealth Relationship represents the finest standard of relationship advisory, offering an enhanced level of service to the most demanding elite by helping them to make the most of “every opportunity” for growing their wealth. The Audience of about 25 persons comprising of Members & students appreciated the details about WILL CREATION & requested for its application form for future usage. The Event highlights by Photos are shown below –

Mr.Malay Mazumdar sharing details about Speakers, Mr.Nehal Pandya & Mr.Rajesh Jariwala in his Welcome Speech. Mr.Lalbhai Patel welcoming Mr.Nehal Pandya with Flower Bouquet. Mr.K.C.Joshi welcoming Mr.Rajesh Jariwala with Flower Bouquet.
The Audience listening to Speakers on Topic of Wealth Management. Mr.Lalbhai Patel felicitating Mr.Nehal Pandya with Memento. Mr.Malay Mazumdar felicitating Mr.Rajesh Jariwala with Memento.

Our Legendary Member & Honourable Freedom Fighter, Shri K.C.JOSHI Celebrated his 80th Birthday with EC & NC Members at IIMM on 30th July 2015 which was attended by about 25 Members which is evident by Sweet Memories through following photos –

Mr.K.C.Joshi cutting the B”day Cake with Mr.L.P.Patel & Mr.Anand Purohit. Mr.L.P.Patel felicitating Mr.K.C.Joshi with Flower Bouquet. The Group Photo of all the Members with Mr.K.C.Joshi.
Article on Evening Talk in First Half of JUL’15

An Evening Talk was organised on 8th Jul’15 with Topic of ‘PERSONNEL PACKAGING’ by Ms. Deepika Pradhan who is Founder & Director of Image Mantra and is a certified Image Consultant. She is Vadodara Chapter President of Image Management Professional Association, the only Indian Society of Image Consultants. She is NABET (National Accreditation Board for Education and Training) certified Trainer. She has completed 800 hours of training & has trained several young image consultants, corporate employees, students & home-makers on how to enhance oneself. She is a Science graduate & HR professional alongwith add on qualification in Aviation and Jewellery Designing. She covered various topics for Image Building like Hard Skills Vs Soft-Skills, Image Management Concept, Speak through Non-Verbal Communication & Professional Attitude. More than 50 persons comprising of Members & Students attended the programme & appreciated the contents of Talk. The Newspaper, Guj. Samachar published the Evening Talk details in short news whereas Divya Bhaskar published the article with photo. The Success of Event is displayed by Photos as shown below –

Mr.Alok Gupta delivering Welcome Speech sharing details about Speaker. Mr.Lalbhai Patel welcoming Ms. Deepika Pradhan with Flower Bouquet. The Full Hall Audience comprising of Members & Students interestingly listening to the Speaker.
Mr.K.C.Joshi & Members at the Lunch Session. Also, seen Mr.S. Dhumal & Mr.Ajay Shukla.
Article on Western Region Branch Meeting in JUN’15 for NATCOM 2015

The Meeting of EC / NC Members from Western Region Branches was held on 28th Jun’15 at Hotel Surya Palace wherein various points for successful organisation of National Convention Event were discussed wherein outstation members visited from Ahmedabad, Bharuch, Mundra branches within Gujarat & Aurangabad, Nashik, Pune, Goa branches from other states. About 40 members deliberated on several topics related to Technical Session, Sponsorship, Souvenir, Delegate Registration, etc. The Meeting concluded in the afternoon & was followed by Lunch. The Meeting Glimpses are shown below -

The Dignitaries at Dais, Mr.Malay Mazumdar, Mr.Lalbhai Patel,Mr.G.B.Palankar,Mr.D.B.Trivedi. The Members from W.R.Branches attending the Meeting. The Members from Vadodara Branch at the Meeting.
The Members from Bharuch branch being felicitated by Mr.Lalbhai Patel. Mr.K.C.Joshi & Members at the Lunch Session. Also, seen Mr.S. Dhumal & Mr.Ajay Shukla. Mr.S.S.Pandya,Mr.G.Palankar,Mr.S.Nair, Mr.Malay Mazumdar,Mr.Jitesh Gupta, & Mr.K.N.Shroff during Lunch Session.
Article on PRODUCT SEMINAR in JUN’15

The Product Seminar about Hi-Tech Electronic Equipments was organized on 16th Jun’15 by M/s. SILCORE TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATIVE ENGINEERS wherein Mr.Kantilal Panchal-Technical Director & Mr.Anand Oza-Sr.Manager (Sales & Mktg.) from M/s. Silcore Technology & their Business Associate, Mr.Vijay Shah informed about Product Specifications & Live Demo of Silcore Safety n Pump Electronic Starter with remote Mobile operation. Also, they shared details about other industrial products which can substitute imported DC Drives for labeling, Airtel/BSNL Towers Cooling monitored to temperature of weather change & CNC Machine operations monitored with DC DRIVES made in India to reduce import time & cost with Quality n Quantity consistency. They gave information about cost effectiveness & after sales service from qualified and ISO Certified Organisation backed up by dealers for prompt customer service. The seminar was attended by 20 members who appreciated the specialised products & later joined for light Dinner arranged by these organisations. They assured to participate in NATCOM 2015 by putting up stall for their Product Display. The local News Channel, VNM TV took interview of Mr.Kantilal Panchal which was telecast on next day. The following photos display Event highlights –

Mr.Vijay Shah giving introduction about Hi-Tech Electronics Products. Mr.Lalbhai Patel felicitating Mr.Kantilal Panchal with Flower Bouquet. The Members engrossed in Product Seminar by Mr.Anand Oza.
Mr.Anand Purohit giving Vote of Thanks to the Team of M/s.Silcore Technology. The Members from M/s.Silcore Tech. enjoying the Dinner with our Members. The Product Banners were well displayed in Conference Room.
Article on Evening Talk in MAY’15

The Evening Talk was organised on 22nd May 2015 with Topic ‘Unfolding the Success Story of Raja Ravi Varma’ by Mr.Sachin Kaluskar who is Master in Journalism with Hobbies of Art Collection & Promotion. He has arranged many exhibitions including one with Smt. Maneka Gandhi. Shri Raja Ravi Varma belonged to Kerala but Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad invited him to Baroda & recognised him as National Artist. He was a Visionary & World famous Painter who was first to give faces to Gods & Godesses. The Speaker unfolded various aspects of Raja Ravi Varma’s style of paintings through Audio-Visual Presentation which was enjoyed by approx. 30 members. The Newspapers, Gujarat Samachar & Divya Bhaskar published brief news about the Talk in their City News Columns and later, Divya Bhaskar published an article with speaker’s photograph in their ‘Art Talk’ column. The glimpses of programme have been memorised by following photos –

The NC Member, Mr.D.B.Trivedi giving Introduction about Speaker. The Audience wherein even ladies members participated in the talk. Mr.L.P.Patel felicitating Mr.Sachin Kaluskar with Memento. Also, seen Mr.Anand Purohit.
Industrial Visit during MM Week

The Industrial Visit was organised on 17th May, 2015 from 9.00 AM-8.00 PM to M/s.ESQUIRE MACHINES PVT. LTD. & M/s.MUDRIKA CERAMICS (I) LTD. at GIDC, Por-Ramangamdi wherein about 60-70 members participated with nominal contribution of Rs.120/- per person to gain full day field experience. The Lunch was arranged at M/s. E.M.P.L. & thereafter visit to NEELKANTHDHAM Temple at Poicha was planned where participants upon offering their prayers, had Dinner & returned back in the Night. The Photos are displayed below showing the enthusiastic participation by Members & their Spouses -

The Members proceeding in Bus for Indl. Visit. The Participants at Industrial Shed of M/s.Equire Machines Pvt. Ltd.
MM Day Celebration on 23rd APR’15

As every year, IIMM celebrates its Foundation Day on 23rd April, this year MM Day was celebrated at Hotel Surya palace with Theme as ‘SOURCE TO SHELF – INDIA NEEDS BETTER SUPPLY CHAINS’ wherein the Chief Guest, Mr.RAMESH VISHWAKARMA-Exec. Vice President from M/s.POLYCAB delivered talk on ‘Make In India’ concept & Key Note Speaker, Mr.PRAGNESH DAVE-General Manager (Supply Chain Planning) from M/s.SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC shared details on Event Theme. About 100 members attended the programme which was followed by Dinner. The following photos highlight the memorable Event –

The Hon.Secretary,Mr.Alok Gupta welcoming the members. Also, seen at Dais, Mr.Anand Purohit, Mr.Malay Mazumdar,Mr.Ramesh Vishwakarma,Mr.Pragnesh Dave, Mr.L.P.Patel & Mr.R.D.Desai. The Chief Guest, Mr.R.Vishwakarma lighting the Lamp with Mr.Alok Gupta, Mr.Pragnesh Dave,Mr.Anand Purohit, Mr.L.P.Patel & Mr.R.D.Desai seen applauding. The Key Note Speaker, Mr.P.Dave sharing the details on Theme.
The Audience attentively listening to Talk by Key Note Speaker. Mr.Malay Mazumdar felicitating Mr.Pragnesh Dave with Memento. The Chief Guest, Mr. R.Vishwakarma delivering lecture on ‘Make In India’.
Mr.Lalbhai patel felicitating Mr.Ramesh Vishwakarma with Memento. Mr.Tushar Trivedi-GM,Materials being Felicitated with Flower Bouquet by Mr.G.M.Bahudhanye.
Article on Evening talk in APR’15

An Evening Talk had been organised on 21st APR’15 during MM Week Celebration with Topic of ‘SOURCING IN THE ERA OF INTERNET’ by Mr. RISABH MODI who passed Electronic Engineering from Nagpur in 1993 & worked in different areas of marketing with 20 years of professional experience in India & USA mainly with startups, before starting Entrepreneur journey. Since 2007, he moved to India & started Tech Publication LLC which is specialized in Digital Search Marketing and offers customized software development & e-commerce consulting for clients in US & Europe. A new Startup company called eSupplier is India’s first online marketplace for RFQ’s, benefiting Buyers & Suppliers both. eSupplier is built to help India’s micro, small, medium & large enterprise. It is capable right from finding new suppliers, creating RFQ, getting quotes online, generating quote compression statements including order creation tool. This is cloud based integrated Indent to Order tool. The EC Members & few students comprising of 25 persons participated to enhance their knowledge & very well enjoyed the programme. The following photos display memories of the Event –

The Chairman, Mr.Malay Mazumdar delivering Welcome Speech. The Speaker, Mr.Rusabh Modi being welcomed with Flower Bouquet by Mr.L.P.Patel. The Speaker, Mr.Rusabh Modi sharing details about e-supplier.
The audience engrossed in the Session.
MGVCL Training Programme in FEB’15

The training programme on Topic of ‘MATERIALS, INVENTORY & STORES MANAGEMENT’ & ‘LEGAL ASPECTS IN PROCUREMENT’ had been organized on 16th,17th,18th & 26th,27th Feb’15 at GETRI for participants of GSECL,GETCO,DGVCL,MGVCL,PGVCL,UGVCL,etc. from various locations all over Gujarat by Faculties, Mr.Pinak Kulkarni & Mr.Avadhoot Sumant respectively. The participants (about 24 Nos.) found the training programme helpful & knowledge enhancing for their career to cherish the memorable moments with following photos –

The faculty, Mr.Pinak Kulkarni delivering the training programme to participants. The participants engrossed in exercise during training programme by Mr. Avdhoot Sumant. The Group Photo of all participants on final day of training programme. Also, seen NC Member, Mr.Ajay Padhye alongwith Faculty, Mr.Pinak Kulkarni.
The Participant being handed over Training Prog. Participation Certficate by Mr.Ajay Padhye. Also, seen in the background Mr.Pinak Kulkarni discussing with another participant.
The full day programme on Union Budget 2015-2016

Every year, IIMM Vadodara branch organises Union Budget programme conducted by prominent Advocate & Tax Consultant, Shri Yogen Mahadevia. The full day programme on Union Budget 2015-2016 based on Provisions of Central Excise, Customs & Service Tax Laws was organized on 5th Mar'15 at Ball Room in Hotel Surya Palace with about 215 participants from various PSUs, Corporates, Industries & even Students from Finance/Taxation fields.This Year the event being organised only at Vadodara received overwhelming response from surrounding locations like Bharuch, Ankleshwar, Surat, Anand, Nadiad & Ahmedabad with about 240 participants registering well in advance before the event & some reaching early on that day for spot registration. The participants appreciated the programme content which was informative & knowledge enhancing with latest updation on Budget. They were presented with participation certificates at the end of programme.

The highlights of event are depicted in Photos attached herewith -

The staff members of IIMM Vadodara branch engrossed in Registration Process with Participants. The Programme Faculty, Shri Yogen Mahadevia being felicitated with Flower Bouquet by National President, Shri Lalbhai Patel Shri Malay Mazumdar delivering Welcome speech. Also, seen on Dias Shri Yogen Mahadevia & Shri Lalbhai Patel
Shri Yogen Mahadevia delivering the Talk on Union Budget 2015-16 The Ball Room seen fully occupied with about 215 participants.